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When we first began our quest to create a life that was 'A Vision Splendid' it was all about getting the basics right. We worked on getting things like our budget, routines, menu planning and cleaning under control. Then we expanded into growing our own food and making lots of things from scratch.

We don't have specific gender roles in our family. We have each taken turns being the stay at home parent and share everything from washing and cooking to mowing and driving the boat.

We simply stick to our strengths. 

Now, are boys are no longer babies and we have been married for 19 years. Both boys are now in Highschool and our eldest is now driving and will probably leave home next year. 

Our challenge is to constantly re-visit our principles to see how they apply as our family grows and as we go through many seasons.

As we grow and the basics are under control, we have moved into a more philosophical phase of life, questioning what joy looks like as we go through different stages. 

You can read about our starting points here;

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